Each year we receive an offering as part of the Living Christmas Tree.  These funds are used to cover the costs of the performance, but a few years ago we began earmarking 10% of the proceeds to be invested into the community.  This year we have chosen the Fauquier Community Coalition (FCC) to be the recipients.

FCC began in 2012 when some concerned citizens noticed the many needs associated with poverty in our county, and they decided to do something to help.  FCC is made up of local organizations, churches, and volunteers who give of their resources to meet unmet needs in Fauquier.  The main ministry is a wood ministry that gives free firewood to folks in need, but when they deliver the wood they assess other needs of the families, needs ranging from food or simple repairs to installing plumbing, electric, or roofs.  Through this grassroots, relational ministry many lives are blessed.

This year we are proud to be supporting this worthy organization, and we are excited to give all who attend the privilege of generously sharing, in order to transform and bless our neighbors.


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